an I be your friend, Sarah?
I've been following the daily show with Sarah Kuttner for about one week or so. This is not because I'm an ignorant girl and haven't discovered it until now, but because we just recently are able to receive VIVA and I wasn't able to discover it until now.
So, I love this girl and am close to becoming obsessed with her in what I wouldn't call a good way. And that's why I'm making this incredible exception of adding a purely German show (and a talk show!) to my site. What I'm going to write about it, how should I know? Puh-lease. As if I ever knew...
So, this is all about you, Sarah, because you have bands playing that are actually new and good (except those that suck completely), because you are incredibly honest and cute and really very modest and shy. I still think that she pisses off at least half of her guests, but I don't care. Keep going.

If I Was A Guy, I'd Ask You To Marry Me

oan of Arcadia gets the Jamie-Anne-Award for most outstanding series of the year - well, actually of this season. This is why it will get one hell of attention in this section.

Go Joan!

ow come today's drama series are suddenly discovering that death can actually be funny on TV? Or it can't, it really depends.
Anyways, here are my thoughts about Six Feet Under and Dead Like Me and... do I have to watch Tru Calling now, because from what I've heard, I'd rather not.

...oh, okay, I know me better than that. I'd try anything. I've lived without the luxury of cable TV for 23 years now, so I never had that much of a chance to be choosy.

Look Happy, You're Dead: Dead Like Me

ow real can real be?
And can TV be realer than real?
Thinking about Curb Your Enthusiasm or the new Arrested Development I'm not too sure what to think anymore.
Maybe I'd really prefer those non-real real shows that seem real and make me laugh to those real real shows that seem kind of surreal and mostly make me either cry, want to bang my head into something real hard (which I doubt the one wall in our living room is) or leave me completely stunned (and not in a good way).