ook Happy, You're Dead: Dead Like Me

This is the story about a dead girl who is now a grim reaper and takes souls for a living. Huh. What a setting.
I remember looking at some screencaps and promo pictures on the web, then watching the pilot and then telling a friend: 'She really never smiles.' Ellen Muth is the ideal cast.
Ellen Muth is Georgia 'George' Lass and I'd really love to quote Jude Christodal's song 'George' here, but the connection would be a little far-fetched, since though we have two George's dying, the similarities pretty much end here and all that would be left would be me showing off with some useless pop-culture-knowledge.
George dies. Unexpectedly, unless you run around expecting a toilet seat from the MIR crushing you on your lunch break. You don't? I thought so.
After that George sort of undies. The main difference between the dead and the undead is that dead people suffer from being ignored due to invisibility and walked through due to some lack of a physical body but the undead don't. They suffer more from looking like a drug addict and maybe wish to be invisible. (By the way, this is not general wisdom about the dead and the undead but rather specific wisdom I learned from this particular show. So if you see any differences between this and your knowledge about the undead, don't go ranting.)
In spite of enjoying the rest of eternity in heaven, George is stuck on earth and actually has to work. And we all thought that this would stop when we're dead. Well, here's news: it doesn't.
Her job is taking other people's souls before they die. I didn't really get the specific purpose of this job, but it's something like that: For the soul to be released it has to be taken by a grim reaper - George for example - before (or after) you die. When this is done the dead person can leave its body and go whereever he or she is supposed to go. I'll change this paragraph as soon as I know more about that. For the time being, this will have to suffice.
Here are a few of the other things that suck when you're undead and a grim reaper:
1. You may have to live in apartments of the recently deceased.
2. Grim reaping actually earns you nothing. Neither money nor acknowledgment. So you need to find something else to get some money.
3. You have to watch people die every day. At least you have to be there to take their souls, but that pretty much includes watching them die.
4. You have no idea when you will be released from your job and finally admitted to heaven or that other place where grim reapers go.
5. You look like crap.

Looking back at my headline I have no idea why I came up with this. After all George has every reason I can think of not to look happy. And she doesn't.
Good girl.

Episode Guide
1x01 - Pilot
1x02 - Dead Girl Walking

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Ellen Muth is George Lass

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