o Joan!

One thing about me: I love to cry watching tv. And I do so whenever I can. I cried when I saw Cool Runnings, at the end, when the bob breaks and falls over and then they get back up and carry the bob through the finish line and the evil Swiss (I think he was Swiss, in any case he was evil) guy starts applauding and then everyone is applauding and it's just very tearjerking.
At least it is when you are like thirteen and very sensitive.

While some of those really kitschy scenes do not do it for me anymore (thanks to the growing up and becoming wiser in at least one way), I'm still pretty sensitive. I cried at the final episode of Buffy (but that was obvious, they killed Anya - I am Anya), during a few episodes of The West Wing (especially In Excelsis Deo, which was so aimed at making people cry that it would have been a cruel and ignorant thing not to cry) and a lot more. But I have never ever been so fast so emotionally involved in a show like I am with Joan of Arcadia.

Why do I make this all about crying? No, this is actually not a rhethorical question or something, this is what I actually ask myself right now.
Maybe it's because I remember the best episodes as those where I practically bawled my eyes out, because everything was so tragic, funny, sad, sadder, funny, sad and funny at once, tragic again, then very funny and finally romantic. What was I supposed to do?