Can I just say that I love Nellie McKay? It took me three songs and a Quicktime-Movie to completely surrender. Now I want more.
I have a secret plan to get her autograph when she's here in Cologne which will completely fail, but then... I managed to get backstage at the Beth Orton concert, so what do I know.

ine, finer, the finest thing.
Lori Carson's new album is released (or at least scheduled to be) on June 15. (So obviously, I can't say anything about it now.)
Still if it's half as good as any of her previous albums it's stunningly great. Actually, it would still be great if were like one tenth as good as any of her previous records.
Do I sound like some devoted fan? I so hope I do.

hank you, world.
I got tickets for the Simon & Garfunkel concert in Cologne in July. Lord, I'm happy. It cost me a fortune, but I'm just gonna forget that fact.
I figured that might be my only chance to see the two of them live together, so what the heck?
I only feel sorry about my kids and grandkids, because they will hear the story about how her (grand)mother saw Simon & Garfunkel playing live again and again (and again and again...).
Here's to my future offspring: Deal with it.